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The Cream Collective

The Cream Collective was formed in 2020, a partnership between Campaign Magazine and Creature London to help young creatives gain experience with industry advisors.

The brief was to create some hope in a time where there was none, the issue (certainly my issue when you have so many ideas) was that we had only 3 pages to portray this in. This brief was written at the beginning of the pandemic and was left to be ambiguous to the creator.


Me and my teammate decided to focus on a group of people who have probably been over looked during the pandemic and that was the group who use touch to see. And in a world where we can't touch, due to social distancing, what happens to those who understand the world by touch?

We had an idea and ran with it and below is the creation. 

I had a lot of fun and gained so much knowledge from my industry advisor.

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